Monday, October 12, 2009


Sunday: I do aim to please as always and i had such an awesome trip to Sanbao the little working ceramic village that i uploaded all these photos for you guys.  The plan as far as i knew was to bicycle to this village look around and come back.  The Trip was so amazing we went past Sanbao (A WAYS!!), up the mountain(in 40 minutes) and down(less than 2 MIN'S!!, straight down hill, probably should have died) to this big reservoir that is pretty dry because lack of recent rain, to this little vilage and back again.  Everything was great I am going to go back to the reservoir and spend a whole day there.  Everything was amazing check out the photos!!!
Today/Monday: I spent the whole day and went to a shop where Mr. Zhan was working and watched him throw (and drank coffee), trying to fill in some gaps that i currently have in my abilities.  When looking at the photos keeping in mind that he only threw for 5 hours, thats it.  It was really good.
Rest of the Week: This will probably be my last post until i get back from Yixing which we will be leaving for Wednesday morning until sometime Sunday.  Its going to be amazing, this is the home of the handmade teapots, I will take lots of photos and videos and explain everything from there.  Have a great week and you will hear from me in 5 days! 
Holla, Kurt
P.S. Sorry if the photos are out of order

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