Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mr Jin, Fishing, Gate Keeper, and National Holiday

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
On wednesday Mr. Jin came to demonstrate  how to make coil built pots.  He was really cool and amazing at it, hopefully my computer will work and i can upload a video soon, its currently efforting but i have my doubts.  Hey makes it look incredibly easy and it definitely isn't because i tryed. 
Thursday, Mr Jin did the middle sections of his pots and it also was the national holiday which is the 60 year anniversary which was crazy because in Beijing they had this huge parade where they drove all of their huge military vehicles and planes and ships in a big demonstration basically about the Chinese strength.  I thought that it was kinda dumba because it reminded me of a pissing contest, China trying to show that they have the biggest.  I eventually watched it in the gatekeeper's hut on a little 9in black and white tv.  Then that night we as a group went to this little pond that they stock fish in, little carp looking fish.  So i officially have been fishing in China.  It was a lot of fun however Bob caught all the fish, so major blow to all of our egos.
Friday Mr jin Finished the last of his pots (i forgot to take a picture will be up tomorrow) and then he left.  It was pretty much just a work day. 
Today i slept in for the first time since being here, til 930, i think that is pretty much a record for me now.  Then i went and walked down the gallery street and talked to some people, did a little soul searching/aesthetic searching, drank some tea got to the studio and started working on a new project for me which i will have to see how it turns out, but i am excited about. Tomorrow another work day and then into next week, it sure seems to go fast around here.  Lots of love

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