Sunday, October 25, 2009

10-21 -2009 Yao Li and food poisoning

Me and Nick went with a couple of other people to this historic place called Yao Li.  It is home to this Kiln Museum and a ton of ancient history which is really great.  It showed everything from ancient workshops, to ancient ruins of at least 6 different kilns, it was good.  Also very close to this is Gaoling which is the place where they first found Kaolin and is considered the birthplace of modern Porcelain it was amazing to just be standing around all of that history.  We had this great lunch and i bought some of Yao Li's famous green tea which is awesome.  That night i started to get sick and ended up sleeping the next 2 days 30 of 48 hours, but all is well, and that place was BEAUTIFUL, by the way.  Later

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