Saturday, October 10, 2009

Salty, Smoky, and Sweet: 10 Top Bacon Recipes

Today i had a great day, went to the art fair which is every saturday a whole bunch of students and artists exhibit their work and it is for sale, it was the first one that i had been to and it was really quite fun and interesting.  It was a really good work day and i am excited to get back into the studio tomorrow, it will be great. 
Tomorrow in the morning we are going to ride bicycles to this local ceramic village called Sanbao will check that out, have lunch their and will get back to the studio after that, i am very excited, it should be amazing as always and i will post tomorrow.
Lastly i will be catching up for the next week or so on pictures and videos that i want to post from earlier, i just received a bunch of stuff from other people that i will be posting, so keep that in mind. As always, Kurt IN CHINA!!!!
P.S. i thoroughly enjoyed this when i saw this and wanted to share it

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