Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 28-29

Wednesday it was that all important yet extremely unentertaining task of cleaning up after a wood firing YAY!! not so much.  It was ok and eventually it got done.  That morning I finished my first of a sculpture that I have been trying to make for the last 3 weeks.  I am excited about further opportunities with this as it is very far from typical things i have done in the past.  Check out the photo and see what you think. 
Today I got to the studio a bit late when i arrived we had a man showing us an overglaze demo.  That fact that they instead of a canvas they just use a fired slap of clay however blows my mind.  I need to go and visit the slab factory, its on my list of things to do.  This afternoon i made cups my mission, hopefully 50% of these will survive trimming and i am going to try and once fire them in the soda kiln on Saturday.  Check em out, tomorrow i think more of the same and load the soda is the plan.  Peace and love.

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