Friday, October 9, 2009

Another wonderful day

The photos that i took and posted are pretty much self explanatory.  Today we went to the big vase factory and of course it was super ridiculous as it is in China.  There were these work shops in this place and the major part of the factory was no longer there is what Aaron said however it was still really good.  Everyone of these super huge gi-mongo pot were hand decorated thrown and trimmed.  They attach all of the sections together when the pieces are bone dry.  Also there was this place where they were making small pieces as well, little hand decorated teacups and what not, translucent and gorgeous.  The trimmer with the amazingly immense pile of trimmings.  BY the way, i can officially dry trim so i am very excited about that!  The pots that are put together with scaffolding yet not one machine to move these pieces around, all moved with straps and manpower, extremely crazy.  I also went to the mold maker today to try and make a press mold of a new idea that i am trying to resolve, we will see how it works, but the mold looks beautiful, so we will see, if it works i will definitely take some photos.  Tonight we went to the artist lecture at the Pottery workshop, an Australian lady whom did work about the Israel Palestinian conflict stuff.  It was good and interesting, and of course free beer afterwards.  HOlla from China! Kurt

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