Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 3-4 Unload soda kiln and cold

It was extremely exciting, as it always is, to get to open up the soda kiln because i had a lot of cups in there with a bunch of tests.  Overall i am extremely excited about what I was able to get out of it, a lot of information will be able to be gleaned from just the 20 or so cups that i had.  Also Wednesday we had individual critiques which were really good I thought, I enjoy other people's input whether it be good or bad.  I now have a plan for the short time that i have left here so that is really a good thing. 
Today apparently was the day to get completely distracted and do nothing productive, by this i mean i played basketball for 4 plus hours which is pretty ridiculous and played some frisbee on top of that.  This obvious had to do with the fact that it was extremely nice out today, warm and sunny, compared to the last couple of days and the nights.  It has been quite cold and most of us do not have the right clothes for this weather.  It was despite being completely unproductive, a really great day however. 
Talk to you soon

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