Sunday, November 29, 2009

11-26-09 Turkey Day in China

How do you make spending 3months away from friends and family more enjoyable?  Bring a little piece of home to wherever you are.  Thanksgiving Day in China, we decided to make a huge day of it and cook tons of food, and we did it well!  I was part of the group that made the bread. We had to use a kiln to make the bread because they don't have ovens, it make for a pretty awesome sight.  Man did we eat and drink like kings tonight.  To finish of the night we had a friend whom we know give an artist lecture that was really good as well, which I also video taped and recommend you bother me to watch it.  Everything for this Turkey Day was wonderful and one to truly remember.  Oh yeah, we also played a little backyard football, which was great



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