Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11-12-09 to 11-14-09 Wood Kiln Round 2

Well what do you know its still raining! and we are loading the wood kiln.  It was a fiasco from the begining with all the rain, we burnt a lot of wood that was really really wet but these things happen to say the least.  He started loading later than we had wanted to but this happens when people are glazing when loading should be happening, myself included.  We had it loaded by 230am and had it bricked up by 4 am.  All together it fired for 37 hours, we didn't get it to the temp that we had wanted partially due to the wet wood and we also ran out of wood all together, except for some pieces that needed to be split as they wouldn't fit through the stoke hole.  Needless to say the last portion of the firing was a tired one.  We ended up quiting on a low note, with low expectations of results.
love from the land of the Red

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