Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday free day

Today after 10am we had the rest of the time as a free day and it was totally great, i got my hair washed which was amazing, because its not just a wash, they basically give you a massage from your arm pits on up, its AMAZING! I followed that up with getting a blind man massage which is an actual blind man and they trained to be super good at massage, afterwards i felt like a piece of Tofu, limp from head to toe. ALSO, if you get onto SKYPE, its an internet video or phone chat place, you can give me a call, usually around my pc from 6-7 am and somewhere around 8-11pm, keep in mind that is time here in china, and its 13 hours ahead, and i am under kurt wensmann, all lower case. Skype me i would love to talk. This is all for now i believe, make sure to sign up to follow my blog that way you get notified when i update it HOLLA!!!!!!

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