Monday, September 28, 2009

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Saturday:  We went to Tianbao which was super amazing!  This is a place where the owner Mr. Jin, is super amazing and extremely talented and all he makes is coil pots, he does not own a potters wheel.  All of his coil pots are used as storage jars.   Also the kiln that he fires all of these in is a 64 meter (almost 200ft) Dragon Kilns it is super wild and crazy.  the picture is from inside and outside the kiln.  On the way back we stopped at a brick factory.  We also that day got a flat tire on the way home.  All in all it was  fantastic as usual
Sunday: Chiming's gallery as well as a ton of other people's shops all opened on this street and to celebrate we started drinking beers at 9:30 am and they all lit of a crap ton of fireworks.  it was crazy, when i have a chance i will try and get a video of that from someone and post it.  The picture is the remnants of the fireworks.  Then the rest of the day was a work day and played some B-ball on the courts where wherever i go all kinds of people want to play against our team and see "this tall white guy" play it was good.
Monday: Was a work day, really didn't get much done at all, Xiao Min (he is our kiln fire-er) was firing a kiln so i watched that and tryed to learn as much as i could.  Me and Nick also went to this bakery that has possibly the most delicious cake that they make in the world, Possibly! and besides that it is beautiful.  Didn't really do much after that, screwed off the rest of the day and was put to work by Bob because of it. 
This week:  Mr Jin is going to be coming to demo coil-building wed - Frid, which will be great so i think thats about it. Later all.  and much love!
P.S. that is the wood we are going to fire with (or try to) and the same that we stacked the other day

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