Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wow is it absolutely wonderful to feel like i am connected to the outside world! China is so amazing and wonderful, nothing that i don't like (well maybe some of the smells that randomly and unexpectedly drift into your nose) other than that its great! Everything has been a whirlwind, its totally crazy, one thing after another that we see or learn. I now know how it feel to be a baby where everything around you is new and exciting and you are trying to take it all in and you can't do it all at once. You guys absolutely have to check out all of the new things i will be uploading starting today. We already had the master thrower come in and show us a demo which you will have to check out in the videos, tomorrow we have a trimmer coming in, they trim everything bone dry so i am looking forward to that. The schedule is packed, it will be a seven day a week ordeal for the next three months. I will also be posting a backdated blog post that i had typed up but couldn't get online to post, it is from the first three days that i was in Shanghai. Also, i will be posting almost daily but for sure twice a week unless we are on a trip so keep up to date with me, lots of awesome photos and videos to check out. i will also attach the rough schedule for the semester so you can have an idea what i am up to in upcoming days. Lastly, thanks for checking up on me as i go on this journey, i appreciate it a lot and please do comment. thanks again


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